Parties to Go

Want to do some midnight painting at your slumber party? Need to keep your regular meeting place for your scout troop? Sometimes it's just more convenient to keep things on your own turf. We totally respect that, and have made it easy as can be for you to take your party "To Go". 

How it works:

"To Go" parties are designed for groups with a minimum of 8 pieces to be painted. You simply choose a piece and a palette of colors and we'll get everything you need pulled together for you in our nifty "To Go" kit. This "To Go" kit is full of all the brushes, paints, palettes, tools and instructions you'll need to decorate your pottery. You have a fabulous time painting where ever you'd like, and then bring it all back to us for the glazing and firing.  Your masterpieces will be ready to pick up about 1 week after you return your pieces to us.


There is a $8/piece Paint/Glaze/Firing (PGF) fee, plus the cost of the piece(s) you take with you. This includes the use of our "To Go" kit at no extra charge for 48 hours. There is a $40 deposit that will be charged at check out time, but returned to your credit card once the "To Go" kit is returned.  The PGF fee and all the pieces will be charged at pick-up.  We will gladly refund you for any extra pottery you return that has not been painted or damaged and exceeds the minimum.

A few other details:

  • Please schedule your "To Go" party at least one to two weeks in advance. This enables us to have all of your supplies and bisque ready to go when you come to pick up.
  • The "To Go" kit includes a palette of 6 colors, plus black and brown. It will also include brushes, palettes, cups, napkins, and a set of simple instructions for you and your guests. Only the materials we provide are compatible with the pottery.