Enjoy our modern take on this ancient art...

Who needs therapy when there's mosaics? Nothing clears the mind better than carefully arranging and gluing small colorful tiles into a beautiful design. You'll get lost in your project and emerge with all of the world's problems solved. Well... we can only hope!

How it works:

Mosaic projects can be taken home the same day!  You simply choose from one of our mosaic base shapes and decorate it using any of our beautiful stained glass, porcelain, and glass tesserae. You glue it all in place and we'll send you home with a tub of grout and incredibly easy instructions on how to finish your masterpiece at home once the glue has dried (24-48 hours). This is the perfect project for out-of-town guests (or otherwise impatient people) who can't wait the 5 days for pottery!


Mosaic projects range from $12 to $50, depending on the size.  There is no studio fee with mosaics since there is no firing and you take your project home the same day. For those who are working on an especially large project that requires multiple visits to complete, a studio fee may apply to additional visits. 

Turnaround Time:

The best part about mosaics is that you can take it home the very same day! We'll send you home with a perfectly portable disposable tub of grout to complete your piece in about 24-48 hours (once the glue has dried).